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Starting this week I’m going to be writing up short summaries of my thoughts on what to look for in live betting.

UFC Fight Night 104 Betting Results:

My pre-fight bets tanked really badly tonight, just very bad performances from 2 big favorites. My livebets were outstanding though and I squeaked out a tiny profit.

UFC Fight Night 104: Betting Picks

There are some really big mismatches on this card and I look to take advantage of it for some easy profit tonight. Including a Degen 9-LEG PARLAY for those with balls.

UFC on Fox 23: Betting Results

All these bets were posted on for verification, but I forgot to post them here first. Livebets were posted on Twitter.

Bellator 171 Betting Results

Clean sweep with some very easy winners. It was ugly, but we made it happen. First offcial Degen bet lands as well!